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    Hello all,

    I have enabled comments in the wordpress discussion settings, the post has the allow comments checkbox marked but when I go to look at the post, there is no option to add a comment.

    Can anyone shed any light on why this might be?

    Many thanks,

    The website in question: Hornets FC



    1. Make sure you’ve selected Allow people to post comments on new articles in Discussion Settings.

    2. Go to Graphene Options –> Comments Options –> Commenting and check if you’ve selected Disabled Completely. If it is, then select Use WordPress settings and save changes.



    I have the Allow people to post comments checked and the graphene options is set to use wordpress settings already.

    I fear maybe I deleted the code to call the comments in the theme’s settings, but its been updated since then so that’d of been overwritten?



    I’m an idiot. I had this in my child theme stylesheet:

    #comments, #respond{

    I’ve removed it and now it shows. Sorry for wasting your time!!

    The Guy


    I recently installed this theme and quite like it. I have had people complain though that they can’t leave comments unless they have a wordpress account. How do I set it up so that both wordpress account holders and non-wordpress account holders can comment?

    I don’t want to lose the possibility for visitors to leave comments yet this theme seems to restrict it.



    @The Guy, you were probably selected an option in the discussion settings which allows only logged in users to comment. But I can see the comment form on your site. That means anyone can comment on your site without registering/logging in.

    Since it is a resolved thread, it’s better to create a new topic for your questions.

    The Guy


    Thanks for your response Prasanna. I’d already checked the discussion settings and it doesn’t seem to be that causing the problem.

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