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    Hi everyone

    First of all, sorry for my english.

    I have a bug with Graphene child theme.

    Currently, I have the latest version of Graphene (1.9.3). The child theme is also in 1.9.3. But then, on the pages, I don’t have the icons of the editor. Since I don’t want to solve this problem on the live site, I switched locally where the site is identical (files and database). And as I thought it was a problem with the plugins and I disabled. But the problem was still there.

    So that was the theme. So I reactivated the parent theme and magically, the icons of the publisher on the pages returned. So it said that the concern was the child theme.

    I am therefore left to 0 by creating a child theme and I created a graphene-child folder where I placed the css files and joe style and index.php file empty, the minimum required. But if I activate the child theme, I have a blank page.

    By making a copy / paste of the index.php file from the parent theme, I no longer get white page but one sentence: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function graphene_posts_nav () in C: wamp www site wp- content themes graphene-child index.php on line 32 “

    Another test, I did a copy / paste all the files of the parent theme (except functions.php) and I put them in the child theme. And then another error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function graphene_get_header_image () in C: wamp www site wp-content themes graphene-child header.php on line 56”

    There, I can’t see what to do and I hope you can help me.

    Should I make an another child theme ? Or the bug of editor can be solved ?

    Precision, this bug appeared since the 1.9.2 version of the theme. On 1.9.1, I don’t have this bug. Condemned to remain in 1.9.1 ?




    Problem solved.

    In my style.css in child theme, this phrase wad missing : Template: graphene

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