No child theme activation option – child theme doesn't work, weird update info

  • duckndive


    Very simply, I’ve created a child theme directory and stylesheet as per instructions. Problem is that there is simply NO activate child theme option that I can see from the Dashboard>themes menu or the graphene configuration options, so child themes can’t possibly work!

    I upgraded to 1.6 from 1.5.6 and wasn’t surprised to see my modifications wiped out (including the deletion of the /graphene_child directory I’d created). Actually, all I had to do to fix things was to FTP my modified style.css file to overwrite the default file in graphene folder and all was well again.

    In my case, there doesn’t seem much point in creating a child theme when its easier simply to reload the modified stylesheet.

    ALSO: Having updated from 1.5.6 to 1.6 (twice now!) when I look at the update themes details it’s still telling me I have 1.5.6 installed! What’s going on?

    But the real question is how on earth do I activate a child theme if there is no option to do so?



    OK, part resolved. Uninstalled graphene completely, reinstalled, re-created child-theme directory etc. And BINGO! finally get child theme activation link appearing from dashboard. Weirdly, it still thinks the child-theme is for graphene ver 1.5.6 instead of 1.6, but frankly I’ll settle for that.(Since I can see the customisable column width feature I’m assuming that I do actually have 1.6 installed.)


    Kenneth John Odle


    Where did you put the child theme folder? It should be in the “themes” folder along with the Graphene folder, not in the Graphene folder itself. If you have the child theme folder inside the main Graphene folder, this would explain the results you are getting.

    When you upgrade a theme, everything in the theme folder is replaced.

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