No Adsense ads. Just the pub code?

  • neilwin


    Hi, I’m admin for a webiste…

    I have entered the Adsense code in the correct box and activated Adsense advertising. But when I view the homepage the ad boxes display the actual Adsense publisher ID! What am I doing wrong?




    Syahir Hakim


    You need to insert the whole adsense code, not just the publisher’s ID.



    I’ve found out what the problem is. I had the website down fr maintenance on Saturday night when google send the “crawlers” out. With the site being down access to the crawlers was denied.

    With me being a newbie I don’t know how to create a robots.txt file into the server to allow the crawlers back in.

    But it’s close to Saturday and the crawlers will be back out so I’ll just let google do its thing and hopefully the ads will reappear.

    Thanks anyway.

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