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  • raindance


    May I ask a few fundamental sub questions that I keep getting lost on? I can start them in a new thread if more appropriate:

    1. Let’s say I’m going to have hundreds of these 10 “page” (really posts) “articles”. I’m concerned that I’m going to end up with thousands of unweildy posts to keep organized..

    “These ten posts are really pages 1-20 for article ABC”.

    I have postMash to drag them into order, that is helpful.

    I don’t really understand “custom post types”.

    Is there a suggestion you might have for the best way to organize these? I love about the Ambrosite plug in that I can dictate that only same category posts show up in the nav links for a post “set” I guess is one way to call it.

    But is there a fundamentally better way to organize these? Like maybe a category for page one of the “article” then the “pages” (really posts) assigned to a sub-category? I think the Ambrosite plug in now let’s you sort on two levels of parameters, so not sure but I think I could get it to make page 1=the main category page and the internal/subsequent “pages” (really posts) in a sub-category show up in the appropriate “menu order” as well?

    I’ll ask this question of the Ambrosite plug-in author as well but I thought as you are managing many posts with this plug in as your nav tool you might have a useful suggestion.

    I guess the alternative is just go with what I have…one “category” which is the “article” and all posts are assigned to that category and I end up with thousands of posts to manage.

    I imagine there must be some good category organizer plugin tools out there, like I saw an older one called “category batching”, not sure if it’s what I mean or not.

    Your experienced thoughts much appreciated…thank you again so much for the help! I want to structure it correctly now so that mid-stream I don’t realize I’ve created a mess and wish I’d done it smarter from the start.


    Jon Lynch


    When we want to apply css to one element we give that element an id, there is a line in your functions.php with <div id=”my-post-nav>. When applying css to multiple elements we use a class so we need to change that div to <div class=”my-post-nav”>.

    But having thought about it if we use a class we have to style the two sets of links (one at top and one at bottom) the same. So despite what I said previously I would now, rather than use exactly the same function, and call it twice, I would add a duplicate with a couple of different names, that way you can style each set of links seperately:

    Try adding this to your functions.php

    // attaches the function my_post_nav_top to the hook
    add_action ('graphene_before_content', 'my_post_nav_top');

    // our function
    function my_post_nav_top(){

    // this will allow us to use other hooks but still only show on single posts
    if ( is_single() && ! is_page() ) : ?>
    <div id="my-post-nav-top"> <!-- div to contain your links -->
    <?php previous_post_link_plus( array(
    'order_by' => 'menu_order',
    'loop' => true,
    'max_length' => 0,
    'tooltip' => 'Previous page',
    'in_same_cat' => true,
    'ex_cats' => '12'
    ) );?> |
    <?php next_post_link_plus( array(
    'order_by' => 'menu_order',
    'loop' => true,
    'max_length' => 0,
    'tooltip' => 'Next page',
    'in_same_cat' => true,
    'ex_cats' => '12'
    ) );?>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php } ?>

    You can use #my-post-nav-top {... } to style the top links.

    As for the images I think you can include the what to display in the parameters to sent to post link plus so it doesn’t have to be done in css. adding something like this to the list of parameters sent to post_link_plus, add this line before the orderby line and change the myimage.png to the name of your image.

    'format' => '<img src="myimage.png" /> %link',

    Glad you are nearly there!

    Jon Lynch


    Have you tried <!–nextpage–>, just write a very long page (not post) and break in into pages. Have a look at where I just used to to split off the first few months. Read more at



    Another fundamentals question if you don’t mind.

    Single post, single page…

    Ok these nav links show up on these pages with the Ambrosite plug in because there are more than one post in a category?

    I mean what triggers their appearance on a page?

    These airline “pages” are “single posts” right?

    And the mechanism which makes them appear on a page is that there is more than one post in a category?

    Thanks for your patience with me 🙂

    Jon Lynch


    By default WordPress consists of posts (designed for chronological entries) and pages (static, hierarchical) content. It would have you navigate from one post to the next, in chronological order, independent of what category they are in. Pages do not get navigation by default.

    It is possible to get one to behave like another (with considerable hacking) but even custom post types have to be based on either a hierarchy (like pages) or chronology (like posts). On my site the incidents are a custom post type based on posts.

    I think most of your content should be page based since the time it is written is not what you want to sort it by, Using the <!–nextpage–> gives you a multipage page. I am sure you would be able to find a plugin to style or add navigation.



    Yeah I’ve looked at the multi page toolkit plugin which makes the nextpage thing pretty good. Not great for SEO purposes but otherwise do-able.

    But someone earlier advised to do them as posts not pages.

    Will play around with both versions.

    Thanks again so much for helping me get this dialed in, it’s much appreciated.




    I just installed the page version of the Ambrosite plug in. Any chance you know how to get that one working like we did for the post nav plug in? I imagine it’s very similar…but not sure how to do it…any ideas?




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