NEXTGen Gallery thumbnails "smushed" when inserted onto page.

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    I’ve just downloaded the Graphene Theme and NextGen Gallery in the past week so I believe I have pretty current versions. When I added a gallery to a page via [nggallery id=1] it crams the thumbnails together like it is being forced within a specific width (see I’ve resized the thumbnails and reloaded the gallery via the NextGen Gallery Options/Thumbnails but nothing seems to fix it.

    Although I’m pretty new to WordPress, I’ve done a pretty thorough search on this forum as well as Google with no success. Before I went all through the .css files looking for a set width (and afraid I’ll mess up more than I’ll fix) I was wondering if anyone ran into this and/or had suggestions. Thanks for your time and your hard work on this theme.


    Syahir Hakim


    This is a bug with IE8. Doesn’t happen with any other browser. Try adding this in the theme’s Custom CSS option:

    width: auto;



    You’re right. Prior to the fix I tested in Safari and it worked just fine.

    I didn’t get it to work with this custom code (but I also didn’t refresh my cache either so it might have worked.) I did get it to work when I added the auto width to the .ngg-gallery-thumbnail img setting. I placed the new code within the nggallery.css file instead of the Custom CSS option.

    Thanks for the quick response and great theme. Time to hit the Donate button.

    Gitte Dahm



    can anyone tell me exactly what the css file name and in which folder I can find it.And where I exactly put it

    regards, Gitte


    Syahir Hakim


    Gitte, just put it in Graphene Options > Display > Custom CSS



    I am having the same problem here, only when using IE8. The thumbnails in the galleries all smash together. I have tried adding the width; auto; code as suggested both in the custom css through the dashboard and in the nggallery.css file under both .ngg-gallery-thumbnail img and the .ngg-gallery-thumbnail settings. but it continues to load the thumbs squished even after clearing my cache. IE8 is garbage but I realize alot of people use it.

    thanks in advance for any further advice and for creating such a great theme.


    Edit – wow: nevermind. I used “width; auto;” instead of “width: auto;” apparently semicolons and colons are not interchangeable. Thanks anyway.



    I am not having a problem with the thumbnails per se; I am having problems using different images for the featured image. The featured image for the main page is displayed on every other page, even if a different one is selected. I use Firefox for editing, since there have always been issues with IE. is where the site is located. Thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    The featured image for the main page is displayed on every other page, even if a different one is selected

    I don’t know…I see a different image on every page. (Or are you talking about the header image?)



    I am talking about the header / featured image. It works on my other blog at, but that is a different theme…JK


    Kenneth John Odle


    But the header image is different from the featured image. The header image shows up behind the site title and description at the top of each page/post. The featured image refers to any image within a post. Even if you have 100 images in a post, the last one can be the featured image.

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