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  • evelyn



    I’m trying to have a home page with only the newest post being displayed along with comments. I keep thinking I have it working correctly, but it is not.

    If I could, I would simply have the landing page be the post page.

    I’ve tried making a blank page, set it as front page.

    If you could help me figure out what I’m doing wrong I would be so happy!




    Syahir Hakim


    You can get the front page to show only the latest post with the comments, but not without quite an extensive modification, I’m afraid.

    On the contrary, you could display any page together with its comments on the front page quite easily by using the static front page feature.



    Oh Dear,

    My goal is to create posts that only contain a video. I want the newest video to display on the front page, along with comments. Is the only easy way to do that to hard-code the video URL into the static page I use for a front page? And then how can I keep a history of them? Could I create posts with these videos that will show up in the archive, but manually choose which one to display on the static page with the comments?

    Can’t I tell the theme to display the post page as the front page, have it also display comments for that post? and then have the post page only display the newest?

    Thank you for all of your help! It is very much appreciated.




    Hi again,

    I went to and played around with a theme and it was set up to show

    my post on the landing page with comments.. it seems that is a pretty common

    way for people to see a blog site when they arrive. So now I am more confused

    about why is this turning out to be so hard?

    How do I set front page to be the post page?



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