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  • findelfisch


    Hi guys,

    Really love the theme.

    Up to now I have built the WP site without a hitch and the platform has been really impressive to work with.

    However I have now realised that as WP is essentially a blog platform I find I cannot presently select the user preference I need for my new accounts.

    If I can explain. My site is intended to be a multi-author blog where visitors can not only comment on my messages but create their own messages. They do not need any other management features other than to add new messages.

    At present the user options available for accounts on Graphene are ‘Subscriber’; and ‘Contributers’, ‘Authors’, and ‘Administrators’ where accountd can ‘new post’, however they also have permissions to moderate comments (which is effectively allows them to become moderators as well – this is more than needed in my case).

    I would like to have a New User option that allows all New Users to write New Posts only. e.g. when a new user registers they login to a Dashboard which allows them to POST > New Post. No other pages, only sub category New Post.

    Is it possible to create and or edit the User permissions to create this new type of User?

    Thanks in advance




    Perhaps this plugin could be of help to you??


    Kenneth John Odle


    Authors and Contributors can not moderate comments.

    Contributors can create posts, but they cannot publish them. They go into a queue awaiting approval from an Editor or Administrator.

    Authors can publish their own posts, however. But they still can’t moderate comments.

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