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    I would like to know what each of the following roles will allow registered members to do on my site.






    Kenneth John Odle


    For questions that are WordPress related, but not specific to Graphene, I would suggest you try the WordPress Codex:

    and the forums:

    However, the information you are looking for is here:

    If you don’t like the way those roles and capabilities are assigned by default, or you would like to create new user roles with different combinations of those capabilities, I heartily recommend the User Role Editor plugin:

    I am currently using it and it works really well with the latest versions of WordPress and Graphene.



    Subscriber – They can see and comment on your posts.

    Author – They can publish and edit their own posts, but not others’

    Editor – They can post and edit others’ posts.

    Contributors – They can write posts. But they will not get published until an Administrator or Editor approves it.



    Thanks for your help Kenneth and Prasanna.



    Is it possible to allow a contributor to edit a page.

    I have been asked to set up a national site for my hobby.

    Each state rep will have their own page which will be password protected which that rep will have control of.

    I need to be able to allow the NSW Rep to post info on their page which they only have access to apart from admin


    Syahir Hakim


    Assign the contributor as the author for that page?

    If not, there are plugins you can use to achieve this, like Role Scoper.



    When the user enters the password for their page is it possible to have it so when hey log out and log in again that they have to re-enter the password for that page.


    Syahir Hakim


    This has nothing to do with the Graphene theme. Try asking in the support forum.



    Thanks Syahir, I will try that now

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