Help! New Update Problems

  • pokermarrakech


    Hi, my website is

    When I just did the new update, the following problems now appeared:

    1. The Contact Form 7 text box areas now go way outside the page area as you can see on the home page.

    2. On all of my sub-pages, at the bottom, weird page links now show up that shouldn’t be there.

    Any help would be much appreciated!




    I also have a question about updating the theme. It took me quite a while to change all the colors in the style sheet. I am now afraid of updating because most probably I will lose all settings and have to start from 0 again. Could you please inform me if:

    1) it is possible to upgrade the theme without losing the changes I made in the style sheet?

    2) if not possible, could I just copy and past a backup that I have make of all the changes in the style sheet without losing the changes you made in the new version of the theme?

    Hopefully one of the above is possible.

    PD: how do other people do this?

    Many thanks in advance!



    Hi Samantha,

    I’m new to this support forum and just building my second site in Graphene. In fact this is my very first post!

    You are best to use something called “Child Themes” – I’ve been learning about it today by following this link –

    – and others on the site.

    If you do this rather than changing the theme stylesheet – you wont have a problem when there’s an upgrade (apparently!).

    Great looking site by the way,




    Dear Syahir,

    Graphene has been great. I was able to create a child page and remove sub-pages.

    I can’t figure out how to make contact form 7 work with the new update. The boxes go way out of the page layout now. Any help would be great!



    I fixed it!



    Dear Alan,

    Thank you for your reply! I will have a look at it for sure!



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