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  • madjank


    Hey guys, sorry BUT im having a problem with the new update and yes it is the rss feed. If you go to my website it will take you to a random page that has a lot of coding. I am not sure but maybe this is because a week ago i added the fixed rss coding to my theme-head…please let me now what the problem is! >.< I just updated it too..maybe I shouldn’t have ughh


    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks fine to me — but I read feeds in Firefox, not Feedburner.



    Feed looks fine here in firefox. Chrome will not parse feed anyway. So, if you want your readers to be able to access feed in Chrome, try using feedburner.

    I think you either need to tweak your font size and line height or add <p> in Graphene Options –> Display –> Excerpt Display Options –> Retain these HTML tags on Excerpts.

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