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    Whilst attempting to increase the content box width I faced a problem. In my blog, I have more than a single page and the only which width was expanded was the “Blog” one, but not the “Home” one. In other words, when I enter to my blog and land on the “Home” page the content box is smaller than what I see when clicking on the “Blog” tab. The problem is that my header is a pic and thus when expanding the width of the content box I also made the header bigger.; and in the “Home” page, the header is wider than the content box. What would be an easy solution? I can’t find a way to manipulate the “Home” page dimensions. Thanks in advance for your answer.


    Kenneth John Odle


    No matter which link I click on, your content width and header images all appear to be the same size.

    The only page which is different is the “Gallery” page, and that’s because you’ve chosen a one-column layout.

    Try refreshing your browser cache: CTRL +F5. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please post links to the specific pages in question.

    Your background image is arresting. You might want to set it to “fixed” rather than “scroll” however. You might like that better.

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