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  • wenbay


    I am extremely new to all this computer/site stuff.

    After trying numerous themes, i really like graphene, i have it installed and want to make it my own. There is a bit more to this theme than the others i have tried.

    Is there a chart/image/diagram pointing out what each area is called?

    something i can reference to tell me exactly what is what?

    let’s say i wanted to customize a color, i could look at the diagram and see exactly what a wrapper is.

    TY for any help,




    Hi Wendy, and welcome aboard!!

    You know, I seem to remember a wiki style section for graphene… but I’m having trouble locating the link.

    Unfortunately, there is not any “manual” for graphene. Although this has been an endeavor I have recently been considering πŸ™‚

    However, there is good news. There are a TON of helpful resources on this forum. And we are very very active. You will also want to check these three blogs:

    My blog:

    Ken Odle’s blog:

    Prasanna’s blog:

    Sooo, go make yourself a nice, warm cup of coffee and stay a while πŸ˜‰



    sounds good. i will brew my favorite flavor (freshly ground michigan sweet cherry) and check them out. TY



    My pleasure. I’ll also find that link for you. I’m sure someone else has it bookmarked and will post here. So be sure to check back often. And also, create as many new threads as you like with any questions along the way.


    Syahir Hakim


    The link to the wiki is here:

    Though I am not sure if what you’re looking for is there yet. The wiki is a work in progress. Graphene 1.6 will include a link to the wiki in the options page.



    Wow! TY! i will check it out.

    edit :

    looked through, not quite in wiki yet. looks like when it is complete it will be extremely informative for beginners like me πŸ˜‰



    good morning… after poking around, i have learned that i really need to have a child theme before doing a lot of customizing. i was too tired last night and will be doing that this morning with the help of josh’s tut (TY for this, by the way)… wish me luck,lol!

    me being a newebie, i was wondering if after i get the child theme set up would it be helpful or adding more stuff to my plate to learn if i was to install the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin?

    Any luck with a section call-out diagram?



    Ultimate TinyMCE gives you a lot of formatting features unavailable with the default wordpress tinymce editor. It has features easy for beginners (such as easily inserting youtube videos), to the advanced (like using image maps and a GUI for editing css and styles).

    Yes, it will give you more to learn… however, it will also give you many options you can use right out of the box.

    Any luck with a section call-out diagram?

    I’m not sure what you mean here??



    hello josh, ty for responding…. once i get things up and running i will really consider installing that then.

    ” any luck with the section call-out diagram?” is slightly different wordage from my original request of helping me identify the different areas of the theme. i did not find anything on wiki or a few other places i have looked and just wondered if you had a chance to look for that link you referenced. i know you are busy, just thought i would ask.

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