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    My website is set to show the full text of my most recent five posts on the home page. That has not been a problem at all until today. I have posted a new post to my site everyday for the last two months or so except for yesterday February 24.

    Today I posted a new post named “Random NBA Fan’s Game-by-Game Predictions at the All-Star Break” For some reason that post does not display on my home page. It shows in the “Recent Posts” widget that shows on the right side bar, but the full text of that post does not show on the home page.

    I am not using, nor have I ever used any plug ins. I have tried to update the post in both the visual and HTML tabs. I have changed the reading settings to change the number of posts showing (hoping that would do something) but that has not helped either. I have also attempted to change the reading setting to a static page. That did not work at all the home page continued to show posts and not the selected static page at all.

    I am using Graphene 1.4.1 and WordPress 3.2.1.

    If anyone can offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s been forever since I’ve used 1.4 (well, not really, but things have come a long way since then), so I’m guessing/remembering here:

    All your other other posts are part of these categories: ‘Game of the Day, NBA Schedule, NBA Season’. But your latest post is only in this category: ‘All Star Break’.

    Check your Graphene settings to see which categories are set to display on the front page.

    random nba fan


    That was the issue Kenneth. Thanks so much for the help.

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