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  • DezD


    Hi Folks

    Please firstly understand that I’m not a programmer.

    I would like to be able to create some pages and then on those pages feature posts from various categories if that is possible.

    Can anyone provide some guidance on how to do this please?

    Many thanks



    Kenneth John Odle


    Do you want to feature the full post or just an excerpt?

    Take a look at Kalin’s Post List plugin:

    Is that something close to what you are looking for?

    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.



    Hi Kenneth

    Thanks for the quick reply, I shall have a read of that post and see if it is what I need which I guess will be excerpts of posts with links to the full posting.

    Kind regards




    Hi Kenneth

    I think I understand this, am I correct that it will do the following:

    1. I create a post, (I would like an excerpt of this post to appear on the mail blog page).

    2. I am then able to use, say the category of this post to feature the complete post on a separate page reserved for posts of that category.

    3. Repeat the above for different categories, each with their own main page

    Hope this makes sense?

    Kind regards


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