New page reverts to existing page when published.

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    Good day,

    I have encountered a problem when creating a new page for my website. Here is what’s happening…

    1) In the WordPress Dashboard, I choose Pages > All pages

    2) Then I choose Add New at the top of the page.

    3) On the Add New page, I enter a title (In this case “About Us”), enter some text into the text box and add a picture using the “Set featured Picture” option on the right.

    4) I save the page as a draft.

    5) I preview the page using the “Preview” button in the upper right hand corner. The page displays as expected.

    6) I return the the All Pages list and click “View” under the new page in the list. Again, it displays as expected.

    Everything functions as it should up until this point.

    7) I return to the page editor for the new page and press “Publish” (upper right).

    8) Now, when I preview the page, either through the page editor “Preview” button or the “View” link in the page list, it displays the product page layout.


    1) Everything is fine until I publish the page.

    2) I am unsure if the product page that is being displayed was created by us or is a sample page included with Graphene. I did not start this project myself.

    3) The URL address is correct, although the wrong title and layout are being displayed.

    4) If I open the page editor, the layout I created for the new page (About Us) is displayed correctly (i.e. showing the new page, not the product page).

    5) When viewed / previewed, the title displayed by my browser says “Product Page…”.

    RElated settings on the page editor page:

    Status: Published

    Visibility: Public

    Parent: (no parent)

    Template: Default Theme

    Order: 0

    Slider Image: Don’t show image

    Custom slider image URL: Blank

    Custom slider URL: Blank

    AddThis Social Sharing button: Use Global Setting

    Description: Blank

    Relevant Links.

    Home page, which is also experiencing the same issue:

    The product page:

    The new “About Us” page:


    Wordpress = 3.4.1

    Graphene = 1.7.3



    It seems that I have solved my problem.

    Under Settings > Reading in the dashboard, the drop down box that sets the Front Page was set to “Product Page”, not my home page.

    Once I changed this setting all the pages display correctly when I view / preview them.

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