New navigation menu in version 1.4 – a heads up

  • Libre


    Hello, I have upgraded to your new version this morning.

    Im not sure why but my menu now looks like this.

    I read through your post and i have edited my menu through Appearance > Menus and added the menus but it does not seem to change anything?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Looks fine to me in latest versions of Firefox and IE. Awesome header image, BTW.



    Syahir Hakim


    Libre, make sure you refresh your browser cache after update. Just hit CTRL+F5.



    Thanks guys I was freaking out!! i did test it on other browsers and noticed that and i cleared history and viola…

    Thank you very much for your design it has to be the most elite!




    I would like to get a drop down list for a menu. I am new and I could not find any information on doing it. Also I wanted to change the order on how my menus are displaying.

    Could I have some help on these two issues?

    Thank you



    Kenneth John Odle


    Hey Miguel,

    Try reading this tutorial:

    It should help you out with what you’re trying to do.

    Good luck!


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