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    The site looks pretty good to me. The solid grey background complements the header’s colour scheme.

    If I owned this site, I would make the following minor changes:

    1.) Darken the greys of the widget and slider colour scheme so that it more closely resembles the darker greys elsewhere on the site.

    2.) Trim some of what I perceive to be the ‘fat’ – removing the recent comments, archives, and (especially) the admin widget – unless you really feel that you, and your visitors, need them.

    3.) Move some of the links to the less essential pages (sitemap, links, maybe even contact) to the footer, so that the navigation menu – which is currently quite busy – has room to breathe.

    4.) Change the regular search bar into a Google custom search bar, so that you can earn an income from searches as well. Hey, you have a perfectly good search box floating up there, why not make extra use of it?

    Obviously all of these recommendations are subjective and non-essential. It’s a good site, and I wish you well with it.



    Hi, Thanks for the response, I tried to change the color to a darker grey but did not really like the effect so for now I have reverted back to the original.

    I have “trimmed the fat” all but the admin section, if i remove the admin part how do I log in?

    How do I move links to the footer?

    and how can I change the search to google search?

    sorry for so many questions I am still a novice.





    Just bookmark your admin panel for easy (and more private) access. The default location will be

    Regarding the footer, I would just delete the less important links from the custom menu and then use the footer box – located in Graphene Options > Footer Options – to put them in the footer (you’ll need to use the <a href=” code).

    You can create a Google custom search box in your Adsense panel (My Ads > Search > Custom Search Engines). Then you’ll need to disable the regular search box (which is easily done in Graphene Options > Header Display Options) and replace it with the custom search, possibly by using the top bar action hook widget (I’m not sure, my websites don’t use the top bar so that’s unfamiliar territory for me).

    Hope that helps, remember that my recommendations were just recommendations. If you like having the admin widget there, keep it. 😉



    I appreciate your feedback and suggestions, i do prefer not having the admin panel there, that has now gone, i did try to add google search, created an adsense search and added it to the site, but i ended up with two search bars, I manged to delete the original, but i could not align the google one to the right.

    Adding stuff to the footer is a bit daunting for me being such a newbie. Althought I would like to add the sitemap to the footer rather than having a link at the top.

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