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    let me begin to say that i’ve used graphene for years, and with reason.

    best theme out there.

    I’ve just bought and installed mobile neo, thinking to “jump that mobile train”. I saw a lot of google analytics traffic coming from phones, and the bounce rate is 15% higher than from desktop computers.

    After playing with neo for a couple of hours, to my surprise, the neo theme layout still looks like crap, has only basic functionality, and most of the widgets etc don’t work. I haven’t even gotten around to upload custom headers and stuff yet.

    The normal graphene theme runs like a champion on my samsung galaxy II, loaded by dolphin, looks great, everything works, and is nicely lined out. With zero effort.

    Pretty much the only pro-neo i could find is that after i activated w3 user agents, google pagespeed for desktop went from 76% to 98%, and i’m not even sure that has anything to do with neo.

    Is there any reason why I should even try to get neo to work just as pretty and fucntional as graphene? I mean, why would I bother? Is neo a lot lighter in bytesize maybe? Do most phones not load graphene as fine as dolphin browser on a galaxy II?

    I mean, what am I missing here?

    this is my site:


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