Neo not working with Graphene Plus

  • ljfent


    Is the Graphine plus ‘page builder’ compatible with Neo?

    It is not displaying correctly on the phone‘ – it is just displaying text ie: [siteorigin_widget]… etc, etc ‘

    — It display’s properly on the computer but not on the phone…

    Any thoughts, fixes, updates ?




    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Larry,

    Graphene Plus has been designed to work equally well on both desktop and mobile devices. As such, there is no longer a need to use other mobile themes like Graphene Mobile Neo for optimised display on mobile devices.

    If you do decide to still use Neo for mobile devices, you can install the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin to retain the page builder feature. However, Graphene Plus includes many custom codes to enable deep integration of the page builder. For example, the layout you built may look perfect on both desktop and mobile devices when using Graphene Plus, but might not look as perfect on Neo. Custom page builder features implemented by Graphene Plus will also simply not be available when Neo is used.




    So what are you suggesting? Do I uninstall Neo or disable it?



    Syahir Hakim


    You can disable Neo by deactivating the “Any Mobile Theme Switcher” plugin. This is the plugin that’s responsible for switching to Neo when your site is viewed on mobile devices.



    Hey thanks, GP works great with the phone.

    I have been using Neo on multiple sites over the past years. I recently suggested a client upgrade to Graphene Plus (and Neo) not realizing it was no longer needed. Could they request a refund on the Neo ? ( they were both purchased in Sept 2018.)



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Larry,

    Sure, not a problem. Have your client reach out to us using the Priority Support form about the refund and we’ll process it accordingly.

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