NEO Child Theme is ruining all of the Parent styles

  • crosseydlobster


    I have successfully created my child theme and style.css for NEO…but without even adding any css at all to the child style.css, it ruins all of the styles for the mobile site. I have used AnythemeSwitcher and set it to refer to the NEO Child theme rather than NEO Parent theme when it detects the different mobile devices. Is there anything else I need to know to get this to work properly?


    Kenneth John Odle

    it ruins all of the styles for the mobile site

    Since I don’t know what you intend the site to look like in mobile, I don’t know what you mean by this. Can you be more specific?

    Keep in mind, Neo has a set of options all its own. So if you want it to behave the way Graphene does, you will need to go through those options and make appropriate selections.


    Syahir Hakim


    This is typically caused by incorrect child theme setup. Can you post the content of your Neo child theme’s style.css file here?

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