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    I’m new to php and have been trying to figure this out for days now. I would like to be able to display the page title on certain pages but not on others.

    I’ve attempted to alter the loop.php file under “post title” but have not managed to get it to work. Any suggestions?





    Hmmmm… The “some but not others” is going to be a problem. We could easily hide them all. But as far as selecting which ones, probably going to need a custom function, which you would have to update as you added more pages.

    Definitely possible. But, it would take a little while for me to figure out.

    What happens if you just delete the page title and save?



    Hey Josh,

    I thought about doing the delete and save option but the only problem is that eventually I’ll be turning this site over to someone that will be managing the updates. If I don’t title the pages they won’t be able to see which page is which in the page list and I’m hoping to try to make things as simple as possible for them as they are very new to wordpress.

    I have no problem having to update the php as I add pages though since the pages won’t be changing once I turn the site over.


    Kenneth John Odle


    This has been discussed before in here. Is this for SEO, or for a different reason?

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