Need Suggestions for Graphene to Mimic – Woo Themes: Guru + Sensei

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    I always use Graphene and Mobile Neo whenever possible but now have a client that wants the Woo theme “Guru” and the “Sensei” plugin for their education site and I must admit that I’m quite impressed with the extensive list of features.

    However, since I want to remain loyal to and prove the versatility of Graphene, I’m asking if anyone out there is familliar enough with the Guru theme and Sensei plugin to recommend a list of alternatives with the same functionality that I could use with Graphene and Mobile Neo?

    Thank you in advance for both the Graphene theme and supportive community,

    Heather & Cory Buford

    Virtual Realty Consultants

    Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch Chairs & Sector 6 Leaders

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