Need some pointers on modifying the archive layout

  • mercz


    First of all I want to thank you for this lovely theme. Its really great and I have yet to encounter a single issue.

    Lately I’ve been working on a child theme for the graphene theme and what I want to do now is to make the tag “archive loop” only showing pictures in “non-block” fashion. It’s hard to describe since I’m a novice at php and css, but I can get the results if i remove the block value in this code :

    #commentform {

    It seems like this code style both the tags, catagories, sidebars etc. What I did to solve this was to make a new code which looks like the following :

    #arc {

    I also made the necessary changes within the loop.php file.

    The next step for me would be to change the width of the excerpts and I figured out that it has to do with this code in the style.css file :

    .two-columns .post.nodate,
    .two-columns .post.post_404,
    .two-columns .post.post_404_search {
    width: 640px;

    How, and where can I make a code so that the width I want, only apply to the tag archive loop?

    I hope I made some sense at all. Since I’m a beginner at this, I’m a bit confused. Any help/pointers would be most appreciated!


    Syahir Hakim


    Each tag archive page has the class tag assigned to the <body> element, so you can use that to write CSS codes that only affect the tag archive pages. Example:

    .tag .post.nodate {
    width: 640px;



    Thank you very much for the fast answer!

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