Need some help with several problems…

  • HoL1n


    First: very very nice theme!

    I have multiple problems:

    1. I want to disable the posts under the jslider. how can i disable the additional posts?

    2. on every site the footer widget is visible. is there an option to disable the footer on special sites? like the template-attribute “no columne, no sidebar” (+ no footer 🙂 )

    thx in advance!!

    greets from Germany! 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    1. You can use a Static Front Page, then hide that page’s content using CSS.

    2. Install the widget logic plugin, then add this to every footer widget:

    ! is_page('page-slug')

    Obviously, change the page-slug with the slug of the page/post where you don’t want the footer widgets to appear.



    thx for the reply. so i really dont understand what to do.

    1. static ? where can i find it? hide in CSS? how?

    thx in advance!


    Syahir Hakim


    Here’s an explanation of and instruction to install Static Front Page:

    When you’ve done that, come back for the “hide in CSS’ part.

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