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    I created a static page and want to show a filtered blog in the main panel (a 2-column with a left sidebar)…

    Is there any way to attach an image so you can see what I’m trying to do and how it is showing up now? I tried uploading to techsmith screencast, but their site isn’t functional right now… maybe due to the East Coast storm.

    Here is the site:

    I don’t want the big white rectangle marked “Home” on the right.

    I DO want the blog to the right of the video, but spanned all the way to the right, not like it looks now as if it were a 3-column layout.



    The reason that says HOME is because you have created a blank page called home.. so what you really want to do it create a page that isn’t static and show the latest content? cos thats what its doing at the moment but showing the static page too.

    If your wanting the posts to appear, you need to disable the static page. However if you want it static but will be filling in data onto the page then and want to have the posts going across the page, you need to change it to show 1 post instead of 2.

    Appearance > graphene options > general > homepage panes > change to 1

    that’ll just make it show 1 of your posts from the site. However, if you make it category based it’ll show only what you have put within that category. So I actually disable the homepage panes.

    Give me a rough idea of what your trying to achieve and i could probably help you better.

    PS, you needed to put this in the support forum! 😉




    Thanks, Matt… how do I post an image into the forum? I normally use screencast, but couldn’t get it to work today… I have dropbox but not sure how to give you access so the link is not broken. other ideas? maybe create a page with the image and put it into the front page of the web site?

    I want to have a sidebar with two windows (don’t care if on the right or the left).

    Then a larger window (panel I guess in WP speak) with a blog inside that panel (newest on top).

    I set it up as a static window because I don’t want just a blog when visitors come to the site.

    Is it possible to have WP switch to a new front page once logged in? … or at least a new menu? That would be especially great.

    Thanks for your help…


    Kenneth John Odle


    Moved to Support. Please post in the correct section next time.

    how do I post an image into the forum?

    Upload it to and then click on the picture to get directly to the picture. Copy the url from the urlbar of your browser, and use the img button in the toolbar above where you type your post here.



    ok.. thanks… I really thought it was more of a tip or trick than a problem with graphene… I’m totally new to WP and graphene.

    In any case here is generally what I’m trying to accomplish… (I say “generally” because I don’t really care where the login or logout buttons are placed.

    It seemed to me that what I needed was a static page in order to have the three mini-windows… 2 in the left panel and a blog in the larger panel on the right side in which I will only display blog entries that are for public consumption since this front page can be viewed by any visitor… no log-in required… but, honestly, I’m pretty clueless about how this works.

    Any and all help appreciated. Thanks in advance.



    It looks to me like you just need to change it back to latest posts rather than static… cos what you technically want isn’t static..



    I turned off static front page and now it looks like this:

    I could live with this if I could change the right panel to accept something else besides the list of pages.

    Any ideas?



    thats a widget, remove it..



    thanks… looking better… I suspect graphene is too sophisticated for my skill level… OR I’m trying to accomplish something too far beyond my skill level… This is for a volunteer site with no funds… I sure appreciate your help.



    all of the things so far aren’t to do with graphene, they’re just wordpress 🙂

    Keep going, you’ll get the hang of it! 🙂


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