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    I want my last posts to be displayed in the front page only as slider without that small panes summarizing the posts.

    Is it possible ?

    Prasanna SP


    You may use static front page. Or if you want to show only slider without recent post excerpts, go to WP-Admin –> Reading Settings and set 0 in Blog pages show at most



    Can’t set 0 (value needs to be 1 or higher).

    Prasanna SP


    Hmm.. Okay, use static front page and hide that using custom CSS.

    Let me know once you set the static front page, I’ll give you custom CSS code to hide it.



    Ok, I set static front page, but I notice that the slider dissapeared. I’d like to keep it

    Prasanna SP


    No, you haven’t set static front page. It is still displaying recent posts on home page.



    Oh, I think I’ve resolved it. I set an empty page for static front page and disabled homepage panes from Graphene Options. It’s good now


    Prasanna SP


    Okay, now add this to your child theme style sheet or in Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS.

    .post-74 {
    display: none;



    Excellent,it works, thank you !

    Prasanna SP


    You are welcome!

    One question, why did you add an extra w for top bar social icon links? Like,

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