Need help displaying right side widget with new graphene theme

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    Hi everyone,

    I can’t seem to have the triple column theme set up on my site, The right side-bar widget should be displaying my calendar, but it’s not. Any ideas on what I did wrong?

    Thanks so much!



    Its on your left side.



    Moved to support. Post in the correct section next time.



    Sidebar 1 is the right sidebar and Sidebar 2 is the left sidebar.



    Thanks, guys. I know it’s displaying at the bottom of the left side, but in the dashboard it’s on the right. No matter what I put in sidebar 1, nothing shows on the right side. What did I miss?

    Thanks again1



    Ok, so it’s on the right side for this page only –



    Did you change the sidebar width in CSS?



    No I changed it within the Graphene options



    Remove the calendar and add another widget for testing purpose. Let’s see what happens..



    Ok, I added the search bar, but it’s not showing.

    Also, I’m having trouble getting my adsense banners to show anywhere. I read the other posts about Google not allowing 3 or more blocks, but none are showing.

    Thanks again for all your help!

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