Need a bit of help with aligning my post area and softening its corners!

  • Sunshyne


    Heya Syahir,

    I started using your theme for my website ( about two days ago, and I must say it’s awesome and very noob friendly. I was able to execute pretty much everything I wanted aside from one thing – creating a post area that is big enough for my needs. So I opted for a two-column structure, with my widgets on the right. Now, it clicked well, but the only things I don’t like are the sharp post area edges and the fact that the white covers all yellow on the left (which is present in a 3-column build). Is it possible to dampen the edges and move the white post area a bit to the right, to expose some yellow color there?

    Sorry if this is confusing, but I’m totally new to all of this.




    Kinda solved it, not necessary anymore thanks 😉

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