& n b s p; is not working.????

  • stevieboyee



    When writing text and then enter to get a new line my html shows>  & n b s p

    but when publish all my text is on one line.?

    Can someone help with this one please..





    & n b s p; (without space) works fine on my site…. Are you sure you did enter it right? Remember, this is not supported in HTML5 I think.




    Yes it works fine on all my other sites as well ,,??

    I have deleted and re-installed a completely bear WordPress with no plugins.

    Using child theme with no additional CSS.

    Cursor moves down a line each time I hit enter and html shows the & n b s p ; (no spaces)

    But when I publish and view the text is all on one line ..!???

    any ideas..




    Try entering <br /> in HTML/Text editor to insert a line break.


    Kenneth John Odle


    &nbsp; stands for Non-Breaking SPace. Upon seeing Prasanna’s advice, I suddenly realized what your issue was. &nbsp; will give you the exact opposite of what you want.



    Yes I know what it means…

    But on every other WordPress site with a Graphene theme installed I have never had this issue.

    Using the line break code is a right pain each time..!

    Doesn’t everyone just write a line of text and hit enter to create a new line?

    That’s where the problem is – the cursor moves down a line and code shows the new line but when published every bit of text is on the same line….

    Very frustrating..

    Cant work out why it has happened on this site?

    Any ideas..?

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