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    From 3.4.1 update the site and navigation inside the pages is slow, very slow, sometimes freezes. I have update to 3.4.2 but this problem still exists. What can I do?

    Many thanks for the reply




    Kenneth John Odle


    It is most likely a plugin conflict. Try this:



    Thank you,

    I tried this. I hope….



    119 requests. That’s pretty high! Disable all plugins and activate one by one to check which plugin is causing it.

    There seems to be too many Gallery/jQuery LIghtbox plugins are activated. Deactivate all plugins which are not in use.

    1. wp-photo-album-plus

    2. nextgen-gallery

    3. awesome-flickr-gallery-plugin



    I have tried it, but all seems a little better, but it is still slow (sometimes). I continue to try with less plug ins.

    Many Thanks


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