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    my site Hi there! This is the second website I am using your Graphene theme for 🙂 I know you like one question per ticket, so here is the first question: my navigation buttons are out of order. How do I get them right? In editing mode, on the menu page, they are in this order: 1) Welcome (2) About (3) Blog (4) Contact but if you just randomly visit my page, you will see that while it takes you to my Welcome page, the pages are listed on the navigation bar in this order: (1) About (2) Contact (3) Welcome (4) Blog. This is going to be for a business, so I would like it to be as close to perfect as possible 🙂

    I did go to you kjodle blog and to the custom menu post and followed that as well as I could (it is now out of date). I followed the basics.

    Thank you!



    Ha! Finally found the answer under “Quick Edit”! Thanks anyway, as I know you were going to get around to it 🙂

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