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    I am trying to figure out why my website is now creating a 2nd line on my navigation bar. This started after one of the recent graphene updates. My Website is, Previously all my page links were on one line, which is how i would prefer it to display. i have 2 website both using graphene. one is normal and the other has this issue. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

    My Sites: (not displaying properly) (displaying properly)


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try adding this to your custom CSS or child theme style sheet:

    #header-menu, #secondary-menu {
    margin: 0px;



    Thanks but i added it to my custom css and it didn’t change anything.



    also add this on Custom CSS

    .container_16 .grid_12 {
    width: 75%;



    ronangelo that didn’t work either…thanks

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