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  • Victor Prates


    Hello. I’m having two issues with NavBar, but that may be the same issue.

    – On the main page when I click on the carousel.control arrows, either the right or the left, the scroll bar goes down a bit and cuts the slider image.

    – In the post pages I created an index. And when I click on any item in the index, the link goes to the desired item, but NavBar stands in front of it.

    I do not know if both are the same problem, but is there any way to prevent the Navbar from overridind the slider images and the index icons? Something like putting a margin of about 2 cms to whatever is below it or anything to solve it.

    My site is

    Thank you!


    Syahir Hakim


    Try deactivating your plugins and see if the issue persists.

    Victor Prates


    Did it my friend. Nothing has changed

    Victor Prates


    I did some tests. I am in doubt if they are the same problem:

    – For the slider problem I removed the Navbar and then when I click the arrow for the next image, it tries to position itself at the top of the screen. The slider should remain static, right?

    – For the index problem, I put the Navbar in absolute position and then the index works. But I would like it to remain in the post while scrolling down the scroll bar, but without covering the titles

    Any ideas?


    Victor Prates


    Hey Syahir, how’s it going?

    One way to minimize this problem is by reversing NavBar’s position with the Slider in a way that does not interfere with NavBar on post pages.. Do you know how to do this with .php?

    Thank you!

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