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    Syahir Hakim


    Some plugins require the user to insert some codes into the theme for it to function properly. Usually the codes are not long – most often it’s a one-liner.

    While you can definitely insert those codes into the theme without touching the theme’s core files by using the action hooks and filters, it’s not easy to achieve if you’re not familiar with PHP and WordPress action hooks and filters system.

    That is why I am now asking for suggestions on which popular plugins you use that require you to insert codes into the theme, so that I can include native support for those plugins.

    For maximum benefits, please limit your plugins suggestions to the ones that conform to these requirements:

    1. Plugin must be popular (eg. more than 100 000 downloads)

    2. Plugin requires some codes to be inserted into the theme, or

    3. Plugin looks ugly/out-of-place when used together with the theme

    So here’s your chance. Go on and suggest!






    FancyBox for WordPress

    Downloads: 163,168


    Downloads: 258,412


    Downloads: 273,786


    Syahir Hakim


    Is there any issue when using FancyBox for WordPress with the theme?



    About FancyBox, I was having troubles to make it work, but when I check “Do not call jQuery” it start working, qtranslate, was having problems with my WP version, I guess was nothing related with the theme, you can clean my comments



    Odiogo Listen Button –

    I don’t know how many downloads it has but I’m pretty sure it’s popular. I actually have found this will not work if activated in Firefox.



    The Hybrid theme (nearly 200,000 downloads) comes with a pages widget: An advanced widget that gives you total control over the output of your page links.

    I use this pages widget on another site to give a list of recently modified pages.

    I would like to be able to list recently-modified pages on my Graphene site.

    It would be great if Graphene had a widget with similar function to the Hybrid Pages widget.

    The Hybrid Pages widget has a lot of function that I don’t use.

    Sorting on the Modified column, in descending order, and setting a count of 5 gives the five most recently changed pages. That’s all I use.




    Google +1 Button Plugin

    It works fine in pages and post but not in the main page…


    Same as Google +1



    Is it possible to have native support for the Google+1 button instead? I think I mentioned somewhere else that I would love to be able to put it (as well as a facebook like instead of a facebook link) on the Top Bar with the option of showing or not showing the counter.

    I have google+1 in the page by putting Add This code into the Graphene options under Sharing. I can’t for the life of me, however, figure out how to get all the AddThis icons on one line —



    Share This seems to work well with Graphene I was having some issues getting a follow/share plugin to work. I tried a number of them, but this one seems to work rather well.

    Thank you for pointing out the BreadcrumbNavXT plugin, it works and I was wondering how to fix it so that it had breadcumbs.

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