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    I am using this theme as a traditional WEBSITE instead of a BLOG type of usage. Therefore I have a STATIC HOME PAGE and have changed the settings for this to work and it does.

    However, I have turned off or diabled everything I can find but the HOME page has what appears to be a WHITE TEXT BOX the full width of the HEADER which is below the MENU BUTTONS but above where the REAL part of the home page should start. There are no lables as to what this box is.

    The second page in the site (just a test page at this point) works and looks like it should, no mysterious white box.

    If I change the HOME PAGE in the settings to the seconds page then the white box appears on the second page and not the original home page. In other words, the box only appears on the page that WP thinks is the home page.

    You would think that would be a clue but I might have the “forest/tree” syndrome going on.

    You can see a screen shot here . . . v88 dot com/wp/wp.png

    Any help in trying to figure out how to get rid of the extra box on the home page would be greatly appreciated.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can see a screen shot here . . . v88 dot com/wp/wp.png

    You can type the address in here. People mostly do the “dot” thing with email addresses to avoid getting spam.

    The white box is your slider. You can turn this off in Graphene options.

    On the other hand, you might want to explore some ways to use it. It’s a pretty neat feature. Some sites that use a slider:

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