My Widget Page is dead

  • Anonymous


    This is SO bizarre.

    I am trying to ad widgets to my sidebar, but my widget page is non-responsive. The Screen Options dropdown doesn’t work, the Help dropdown doesn’t work… the problem may be related to the fact that on all of my other pages I have a black header bar that shows (from left to right) the WordPress symbol, my site name, # of updates I need to install, a comment balloon, “+ New”, and on the extreme right it says “Howdy, Steven Benson” (my name).

    That bar isn’t visible on my widgets page!

    I have tried checking and unchecking countless boxes in the Graphene Options page, all of the other Appearance settings, and NO LUCK! Can anyone help me out here?

    My site is if you want to look at the front page (which is the only page I have enabled for widgets (it has 2 columns, all other pages just have one).

    Thanks in advance.


    Kenneth John Odle


    That bar is your admin bar.

    It sounds like you have a plugin conflict. Try disabling all of your plugins and seeing if the problem goes away. If so, re-enable them one at a time to see which one (or which combination of them) is causing the issue.

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