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    I’m a newbie…opening my business in the next month…please give me any feedback you may have! I am still trying to figure things out like colors, etc



    Syahir Hakim


    Overall, nice and clean. The font complements the nature of the site as well.

    A few comments and suggestions:

    1. Somehow the site asks me to download the “GreenSprouts_logo_master_GS_Color_logo5.pdf” file on every page load. You might want to look into that.

    2. Put a contact form on the Contact GS page. Don’t just link your email address unprotected like that. You’ll end up getting more spam than interested parents.

    3. Maybe you can put a Google Maps for your centre’s address on the Contact GS page.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I like the header image, but you need something that takes full advantage of the header’s width. There’s too much white space up there.

    A background image. Of course, a background image.

    I like the font, but it’s too cute and hard to read. Just because you work with small children doesn’t mean you should come off as one.

    Be careful about including your email address as a link unless you love spam in your inbox. You might want to do a contact form instead.

    She has many trainings

    umm….this needs to be reworded.

    In fact, if your intention is to use this site to drum up business, you should use last names as well. It comes across as more trustworthy that way.

    A good start, though. Keep working on it.

    For what it’s worth: my thoughts on good website design:



    maybe adjust the line-height of the text to improve readability.

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