My Slider Has Stopped Working!

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    I had posted this in the wrong place, sorry.

    My slider is no longer working and it is now static; only the latest post gets displayed. I think it happened sometime last week and I only really took it seriously this week.

    My website is:


    Syahir Hakim


    The slider is not working because the server that hosts the script for the slider somehow didn’t recognise the URL for the script to be valid (

    You’re also using a much older version of the theme. Newer versions have included the slider script with the theme precisely to avoid this kind of issues. Is there any reason you’re not updating to the latest version?



    Hi, thank you. I was not aware that there was an upgrade to the theme. I will check ti out and update accordingly. Will this then sort out the issue with the server not recognizing the URL for the script?



    And how do I updrage to the latest Theme?


    Syahir Hakim


    It seems that you have changed the name of the theme’s folder to graphene1. Change it back to graphene and you should be able to do the auto-update via WP Admin > Dashboard > Update.

    Please also note that if you have made any modifications to the theme’s files previously, all those modifications will be lost when you update the theme. For future reference, always avoid editing any of the theme’s files and use a child theme instead to make customisations to the theme.



    Go to and you’ll see all available core/theme/plugins updates there. Select Graphene and hit update button. But directly jumping from version 1.4.1 to 1.8.2 is somewhat risky. The theme has undergone a lot of changes from back end to front end. It is always a good practice to keep everything updated.

    BTW, your Shopping Cart widget is missing a closing div tag.



    Hi Prasanna,

    Thank you for your help. How do fix the missing closing div tag?



    Hi Prasanna, and how does not having the closing div tag affect my blog?



    Because of missing closing div tag, your other widgets are nested inside the shopping cart widget. It seems the widget is working fine in products page only.



    Hi Syahir,

    After creating and activating my child theme I get the following messages: “Quick Cache reset automatically to avoid conflicts :-)” and my site is completely messed up!

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