My site is spreading malware

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    Hello. I received a message from google stating:

    “We recently discovered that some of your pages can cause users to be infected with malicious software. We have begun showing a warning page to users who visit these pages by clicking a search result on”

    These are the steps I have taken thus far:

    *I just looked through the entire coding for the Graphene theme and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but to be honest I know very little about coding.

    *I updated Graphene from version 1.5.6 to version 1.6.

    *I have changed my password twice.

    *I have scanned my computer for any malware or spyware and my computer was clean.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Disable any plugins you are using, especially those that you did not get from the Plugin repository at WordPress.

    The plugins that WordPress approves are pretty thoroughly checked for this kind of thing, but there are always people out there writing plugins that will do pernicious things.

    Just to be on the safe side, I would contact Google and get the specifics about what they are seeing.



    Have you checked the .htaccess file on your server if you find any malicious code in it?

    Hackers are usually breaking into your system via that file.



    Very usefull plugin:

    Info: If you update to a new Graphene release you will get virus warnings. Immedialy mark these warnings as “no virus”. If there are warnings between Graphene releases you have been hacked!

    In combination with you are on a good way to keep your blog save and clean.

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