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  • ahmedelsoudy


    please help me

    I’m installing a website in german and I’m using ur wonderful Graphene theme, so I want to edit some things to german

    for example

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    plz tell me how to do



    It was really wonderful and helpful all is working perfectly.

    But the second part is not clear for me.

    All what I want to translate now is the result of the search engine

    is there a simple way for that or a plug in for example ?

    I appreciate ur help



    I´ve looked at the site that u send me to translate my theme but it´s not what I want.I want only to translate the result of the search

    for example

    when someone searches something in my site and it´s not found

    I want that to appear in german


    Syahir Hakim


    The German translation of the theme is completed and updated, so the text in the search results when what is being searched is not found should have been translated. What is the URL to your site?



    The problem is that I didn’t upload my site yet.I’m working in localhost but really ur theme is the best theme that a person can find through the internet.

    I’ve edited in the en_US.po language file and it works now.

    will it b a problem when I upload the site to the internet ?

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