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    Well here is my website built on the Graphene Theme! This theme is a wonderful template to work from. It is easy to customize and the forums have been a great help in guiding me to certain customizations that I have had a harder time figuring out. I am in the process of putting together another website which will include many more customizations than this even. I will make sure to post it here once I am finished.

    I would enjoy hearing any feedback, suggestions etc. BTW for the E-commerce aspect of the site I am using the Shopp plugin (in case you were wondering).



    I am going to come back when I have some extra time and “attempt” to nit-pick your website.

    In the meantime, thanks for sharing your work. And I want to hear Ken and Prasanna’s input on this one.

    And Syahir, just amazing!



    The first thing that “jumps” out at me is how you kept each page short. It’s awesome not having to scroll down and down on each page.

    Great colors! Excellent layouts! Simple yet Effective!!

    A PERFECT example of this theme being used more for a professional business website rather than a typical blogger’s website.

    Nice 🙂

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