My new Choir Website – constructive comments welcome!

  • soniamoreau


    Hi there,

    First I want to thank the creators of the Graphene theme, it is really awesome! I love it!

    and I want to thank the members of the “Graphene theme users” who helped me by letting me know which plugin they are using in their Website. You know who you are. Thanks!

    Here is what I have done with it. I am no professional and I am doing this as a volunteer, so please send me your constructive comments 😉

    The site is in French and is about my group called Rythmoson. We are just a bunch of people having fun signing and dancing together and we have three of four shows a year.

    Thank you!

    Here it is:

    Sonia 😉


    Syahir Hakim


    Generally, a nice and clean site.

    A few things:

    • Add a name and description to your site in WP Admin > Settings > General. This avoids the meaningless title “&raquo” that your site has on the front page.
    • Maybe use a brighter background to make the content area stand out more.
    • Maybe use a darker box shadow on the widgets, and a slightly lighter widget background.
    • Maybe remove the white border at the top of the footer, or replace it with a colour that blends in better.

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