My links don't work – only on my posts

  • Dena Rice


    When I hover over links on my posts on my home page, the text doesn’t change color and they aren’t linked. Also, when I change a text color in the post, that also doesn’t show up on the page. Other links do work within the site, when they aren’t in posts.

    (On my posts about volleyball camp and cheerleading, it says “Athletic Page” which is linked, but you can’t get to it. Same for my main post about School Supplies. It should link to the supply list.)

    Also, when I change the color, it only shows up as black on any text, regardless of linked or not.

    Thank you for your help!



    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s because your front page is all excerpts, and WordPress strips HTML out of exceprts.

    Go to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Excerpts Display Options.

    In the box labeled “Retain these HTML tags in excerpts”, enter


    Dena Rice



    Thank you!


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