My Graphene Blog is totally bugged

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    Hello guys,

    Last couple of days all my websites on server where damaged by malware (all the .js files had some crap on the bottom). After 12 hours of work, i kinda managed to get rid of the malware code. But now i face another problem, my website -> is pretty much dead, I know, that i am atm. using an old version, i was never smart enough, to figure out how child themes work.

    Still, are you able to see, what might have coused such a problem? I for example am not able to see the footer.

    I would be really gratefull, if someone could help me 🙂

    p.s. I am able to talk with skype with you, if you would like to.



    Update: I tried putting the new WordPress 2012 theme, and website still looked terrible. So i guess it is not particulary from the Graphene theme, but still, you might be able to help me!



    Update 2: I found out, that under ‘appereance’ i dont have the ‘Editor’ button.



    Ok, i managed to get the “Editor” button back, with deleting define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); of my wp-config.



    P.S.: All the plugins are deactivated.


    Syahir Hakim


    Disable the BWP Minify plugin.



    I even deleted it just right now.



    Ok, i just reinstalled wordpress 3.5 and updated to the newest Graphene Theme. Still, nothing did solve the issue…i’m getting real sad at the moment :/



    Your site looks absolutely fine here. Clear your browser cache by pressing Ctrl+F5 and check if you can see the normal layout.




    Thanks for the heads up!

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