My Blockquotes are facing the wrong way

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    Hi everybody,

    Sometime back, the look of Blockquotes on my site changed, in the new look the “open” quote is facing the wrong way.

    I searched the forum, I found one reference to setting up a child theme that allows you to style blockquotes, but I have not become CSS literate and though I poked at entering the code in Appearance:Edit CSS, I didn’t know what I was doing, my edits made no change to the quote marks, and I reverted so as not to make a mess.

    I’d like to learn CSS, but not today :-), So my question is, does anyone know why the quotes face the wrong way?

    I’m really sorry to bother you with this!


    Virtuous Bicycle




    Hi there Lance,

    I’m not experienced enough to be able to tell you why the block quotes are facing the wrong way but I may be able to help you with some CSS. Try putting this in your custom CSS (Appearance- Graphene Options – Display – Custom CSS):

    blockquote:before {transform: rotateY(180deg);}

    This should turn around the quotation mark symbol so that it’s facing in the correct direction.

    Hope that’s what you are after.



    P.S. As an addendum, if you are looking at making a few changes using CSS, it is worth your time to set up a Child Theme. Prasanna has a great tutorial as well as a Graphene Child Theme template that you can download. You can find that here. He’s made it very easy and, believe me, if I can do it, anyone can 😉

    Virtuous Bicycle


    WHAMM! That did it! Thank you Sharon! Take a look:

    You know, it was really helpful the way you directed me to the correct location in the dashboard to do this. I had been mucking about in Appearance:Custom CSS and not having any luck at all, and this just worked on the first try.

    I’m going to look at Prasanna’s tutorial and template. That sounds like a good way to get oriented.

    btw, your smoothie site is so pretty! nice job! (and MMmmmm! looks good!)





    Glad I could help Lance.

    And thanks for the feedback on my site. It’s always helpful to hear other people’s opinions. I’ve spent so much time on it that I’m almost blind to the design now!!

    All the best. 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    Did you edit any theme files?

    Moved to Support.

    Virtuous Bicycle


    OMG Kenneth! I wouldn’t dream of it! (Nor would I know how! LOL!)

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