Mutiple pages created when installing plug in

  • franzss


    When installing plug in that creates a page for you and a menu item, keeps creating them after activation of plug in. cant get out of screen says ” sure you want to do this and back to plug ins”. Happens with event plug in, private page plug in anything that creates a page for you automatically.

    Cant get back to your dashboard.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling all other plugins and activating only one of these plugins at a time. Also, try the default 2016 theme to rule out a theme-specific issue.

    Which plugins specifically are you seeing this with?



    My site is not local I have 10 plug ins active. Private Pages portal and I believe it was Events Manager or Events made Easy that crashed.

    I get the page ” installation failed” with message try again, sure” creates another page for it but fails installation again. In the case of private pages portal It keep making hundreds of pages wont stop till I deactivate the plug in. Any experience with this as it relates to your theme or code you could direct me to to look at or modify?

    Thanks Again

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