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    we ran into a problem the last days.

    In our Multisite (PHP 7, WP 4.9.1) the customizer does not load for admins, but for superadmins. I can even reproduce this issue on a blank page with no plugins activated.

    Could this be a rights problem in the theme? It does not occur with any different theme, just Graphene (latest version).

    I already posted this on and there is someone who has the same problem.
    Best, Daniel

    Screenshot with not loading


    Syahir Hakim


    This is a known issue and we’ve produced a fix for it, which will be included in the next theme update later today or tomorrow.




    Is there any update on this issue. i am having the same problem and cant figure out where to download the fix from.

    Thanks for your assistance,



    Hi again,

    This is regarding Franz Josef theme, i am having the same issue as above, could you please help me with this. Im not sure what exactly is the issue but i am unable to see any customizer options on the page. Seems that you guys have identified the issue with Graphene. can we expect the same for Franz Josef. I have unfortunately based my whole multisite project on this theme and would be very hard to move to a different theme now.

    Thanks for your help.


    Syahir Hakim


    We’ve just released an update for Franz Josef which includes a fix for this issue as well.



    Thank you very much Syahir. Updated and everything seems to work fine now.

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