Multiple server thumbnail images being created.. help!

  • safecracker



    I’m at wits end! Every photo I upload is being made into multiple thumbnail sizes on the server (8 to be exact)

    I have tried zeroing the Media thumbnail settings, and still instead of a single size, (or just what’s specified in the Media settings) several other sizes are being created and taking up needless server space.

    Can anyone help please?



    Kenneth John Odle


    I’m not sure exactly what is happening here. Do you mean every photo that you upload to your media library or to a post or a page?

    I seriously doubt this is a theme-related problem. Do you have a plugin that involves photos or other media? Try disabling plugins, one at a time, to see if that is the problem. Not every plugin with works with every theme, and not every plugin works with every other plugin.




    Ken, thanks for the tip. Something is suspect through with the sizes being created.

    Two are always near perfect banner sizes. ThIs leads me to think the theme is the issue.

    I will try what you suggested, as well as switch themes and try uploading a photo to see if it duplicates as in Grapene

    It’s a GREAT theme, I’d so hate to not use it for this, if it’s the problem.

    I’ll get back with my results tonight.

    Thank you again!



    I think I can say where the issue is coming from, if someone can help me with the code..please!!

    In my Graphene functions.php file,

    // Add custom image sizes
    $height = ($graphene_settings['slider_height']) ? $graphene_settings['slider_height'] : 240;
    add_image_size('graphene_slider', apply_filters('graphene_slider_image_width', 660), $height, true);
    add_image_size('graphene_slider_full', apply_filters('graphene_slider_full_image_width', 930), $height, true);
    add_image_size('graphene_slider_small', apply_filters('graphene_slider_small_image_width', 445), $height, true);
    add_image_size('graphene-homepage-pane', apply_filters('graphene_homepage_pane_image_width', 451), apply_filters('graphene_homepage_pane_image_height', 250), true);

    That is what is generating the extra images on my server for each photo uploaded, totaling about 7 or 8 per single photo inserted into a post!

    How can I turn this off please?

    (I have the slider disabled for my theme.)

    I found some code to turn off ALL thumbnails, (works fine in my child theme)

    function stop_thumbs($sizes){
    return array();

    but that is not what I want, just those extra “custom” sizes is all.

    I know nothing about coding/css but I’m handy at copy/paste!

    Thanks guys so much!



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    Syahir Hakim


    safecracker, try updating the theme’s functions.php file with the updated one here:




    That worked GREAT, (thank you!!) with just one exception. :-/

    For some reason, it is still creating one additional banner sized 960×198 image each time an image is added or uploaded using the WP media uploader.

    (post or other)

    Is there a way to eliminate that banner sized extra image? (anything to do with the featured image perhaps?)

    Thank you so much!! is my site FWIW. (Thanks Kim)


    Syahir Hakim


    Don’t think so. The 960×198 image is for the header, which you will need for the proper operation of the WordPress Custom Header feature. Plus, the image will only be resized to that size if it is bigger in dimension. You can always resize images before uploading it.

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