multiple post panels on front page as a matrix

  • Anonymous


    I found the demo page

    See it has the slider at the top

    followed by some info

    then a 2×2 matrix of posts

    Is it automatic that you get a 2×2 arrangement or is there something in settings

    I think I tried it and the posts appeared as 1×4 all four below each other


    Kenneth John Odle


    Those are homepage panes. They are available as a Graphene option if you are using a static front page.



    Thanks Kenneth.

    If using pages for home page panes, how do you find the page ID if you’re using friendly permalinks?



    ok found a plugin to display ids


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can also just use your browser’s “View Source” function to find the ID. It’s attached as a css class to the body tag:

    <body class="single single-post postid-2052 single-format-standard custom-background three_col_left three-columns">

    The id is 2052. You can see it here.

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